If you’re planning on protesting as part of the Global Day of Climate Action and need a quick easy way to create a poster to take with you I hope my design can help. If you’re not planning on physically attending a protest you’re welcome to use the image to share on social media to raise awareness. Many of you may recognise the picture on the poster. It’s Earth  from my picture book, Earth Takes a Break. In this part of the book she is complaining to the doctor that she is struggling to breathe because of all the pollution. Sadly, this is not just a story in a picture book. Earth is struggling in real life and we need to do everything we can to help her.

I read about the Global Day of Climate Action, organised by Fridays for Future and I wanted to do something to contribute.  Be sure to visit their website to find out how you can add your voice to the protest and petition governments world wide to step up and take action.


“This is a deceptively powerful message disguised as a simple children’s book. Beautifully illustrated, there is a touching depth here we should all take on as we and the Earth emerge from the Coronavirus crisis and look to a better future.” – Chris Knight

“This book couldn’t come at a better time. With the world being bought to its knees by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s hard to know how to talk about what is going with young children. They understand that things are not quite right, but don’t always have the maturity to be able to hear what is really happening. ….My children, 6 and 8, immediately understood the concept of this story and felt a strong desire to show even more care towards the earth that we are so lucky to live on. I strongly recommend this to any parent with children pre-school and up. Such a wonderful resource for ‘spinning’ this whole situation in a positive and reinforcing way.” – Maddy Shaw

“This clever little book which touches on how the Coronavirus has impacted the environment is one of my favourites. What happens when the earth gets sick? Perhaps it goes to the doctor or even takes a holiday. With adorable illustrations and an earth that is so cute you just want to give her a hug, Earth Takes a Break is a nice addition to the other Coronavirus children’s books because it puts attention on the affect that our lives have on the earth.”
Kelley Donner – Best Coronavirus Children’s Books 2020