Earth Takes A Break

Earth Takes A Break by Emily House


Earth Takes a Break is a picture book written and illustrated by ME!


About the Book

Earth feels unwell so she goes to the doctor. What the doctor prescribes seems impossible to Earth until she wakes the next day to surprising change. A modern fable inspired by the events of the Covid-19 crisis, Earth Takes a Break is a touching, hope-filled picture book suggesting how the lockdown could allow Earth time to heal and humans time to reflect on their treatment of her.


Purchase Earth Takes A Break

I originally published this book as an e-book because I wanted to get the story out into the world as quickly as possible whilst it was so relevant. However, I have had SO MUCH wonderful, positive feedback (including lots of 5 star Amazon reviews!) as well as requests for a print version, that I’ve just successfully completed a kickstarter campaign to get it into print!

10% of the profits from every copy of the print book sold will go to Bizweni Centre for Children With Disabilities – please see more below.

Soft cover copies will be available shortly. If you are interested in purchasing one please get in touch.


Get an E-Book Copy of Earth Takes a Break


Downloading the Book – You don’t need a Kindle!
You may be surprised to find that you do not need a Kindle to view this book… you just need an Amazon account!
Once purchased, you can view it on any web browser using Kindle Cloud Reader or download the Kindle Reading App from your app store to view it on an iPad, tablet or phone. As this book has colourful pictures, it’s best viewed on a device with a colour screen. TOP TIP: Once downloaded, make sure you are viewing in landscape mode for easier reading!


Giving Back

50% of the profits from the sale of the e-book and 10% of the profits from the sale of every print book will go to support the Bizweni Centre for children with disabilities in Somerset West, South Africa. The work Bizweni does is truly remarkable. During lockdown they are working extra hard to supply all their children with food parcels to ensure they don’t go hungry whilst at home. You can find out all you need to know here: and I am sure any extra support would be gratefully received. Before the arrival of Covid-19, my son – along with his friends in the Grade 6 class at Applewood School – used to volunteer each Friday at the Bizweni Centre. He loved his visits there and made some great friends – so much so that the visits became the highlight of his week!


The Writing of Earth Takes a Break

I did not plan to write this book. I call it a Covid Curveball! It was written,  illustrated and completed in two weeks whilst the world was in lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis. Sub-conscious anxiety meant that I was having a lot of sleepless nights. The words came to me at 2am on 8th April and I decided that, if my brain would not let me sleep, I would use the time to draw and try and get this story out into the world as soon as I could. I became a bit obsessed writing it; side-lining other jobs I should have been doing to get it done, but I was very thankful to have this project to keep me distracted, busy and creative during this surreal time!

I am also hugely grateful to my husband, Rob, my children, Rosie and Isaac, and my father-in-law, Simon, who were all living with me whilst I was working on this project and even more distracted and anti-social than usual. They were very patient, understanding and encouraging and kept me fueled up with tea and chocolate! Further massive thanks should go to my Mum and Dad (who have always been my biggest and most loyal fans!) as well as my lovely friends from my SCBWI Western Cape crit group and Ali and Brad from Imagnary House Publishers. These wonderful folks gave amazing feedback and guidance, ensuring this book was the best it possibly could be in the short turnaround time. I really appreciate having such a wonderful support network.

Below are some sample spreads. You can click on the images to enlarge them.