From Earth Takes a Break by Emily House

It’s been a year since I wrote Earth Takes a Break & in celebration I’ve created a free colouring sheet.

It really has been a year hasn’t it? Earth has had a rather extended break and we’ve been faced with challenges we could never have anticipated.

I didn’t anticipate writing a book in lockdown either and, in honour of Earth Takes a Break’s anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on its creation. I remember writing the story in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep. I remember a blinkered two weeks where I was fixated on illustrating it, desperate to get it finished and share it with the world. I remember many frustrating evenings trying to learn how to use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing so that I could create an e-book. I remember my good friend asking me, ‘Why aren’t you printing it? What’s stopping you?’ – and these questions became the catalyst to launching my first ever Kickstarter. Earth Takes a Break has certainly taught me so much!!

I also remember my wonderful SCBWI illustrator friends giving me helpful feedback on my draft illustrations, Imagnary House freely giving advice on steps forward and my family and friends encouraging me and helping me to spread the word about the book. It made me realise just how lucky I am to have such an amazing support network around me.

One of my original hopes when I first published the e-book for Earth Takes a Break was to be able to make it available in time for Earth Day which is celebrated at the end of April each year. Sadly, KDP just didn’t get the memo! How dare they?! But that’s not the case for this year. Now both the e-book and soft cover are available – Hurray! – To celebrate I’ve created a colouring sheet based on one of the illustrations from the book and it’s  free to download. Simply click on the link below. I hope this will be a nice accompaniment to the story and the children will enjoy going wild with their crayons and pens. I’d love to see their finished master pieces so if you have time, please take a quick snap and tag me on Instagram.

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